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Thought I would attempt to circulate this one last time.
Have to have everything by Wednesday. 100/500.
Signal boosting would be amazing guys. 
Anything helps.





I feel like a legend.


things to not show in school

  • weakness
  • emotions
  • a pack of gum
would you be selling the nia teppelin wig with the costume?

Unfortunately, no. The wig was sold separately back in Feb.

Looking to sell these costumes!
In desperate need for some money before the 13th for moving, so I am parting with some of my favourite cosplay costumes! (plus a random prom dress)

I can get my measurements to you late if interested, just please let me know.

I have mostly the costumes for these, I don’t really have the wigs anymore I don’t think. And I think I have the shoes for Nia which are a 9/10


Advent Children Tifa Lockhart - $100 (worn once to FYE anime day)
Nia Teppelin Timeskip - $60
Ryomou Shimei - Ikkitousen - $60
Alter Saber - Fate/Extra - $100
Random prom dress - $40

Check out my friend’s facebook post here for wigs and other costumes for sale!

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I made a link for easier signal boosting. Any help is appreciated
Still willing to take commissions for art or costumes I could start after all this mess. :(
Please signal boost if you can.

Long Post Ahead

So I figured I would drop a post here, just because of desperate times.

I know that I still owe a lot of commissions, and haven’t had a real chance to get around to them.


this last month has been extremely difficult.

April and her husband are getting a divorce, which in turn ended up with him kicking us out of where we were living, me having to scrap for cash and find people to help me get my things (since everything I owned was there), and find a place to stay.

We are now trying to go with her sister Kayla (Ki’s twin) and fiance to share an apartment, but of course I am the one coming up short.

I was bled dry where I was living from bills and now I also owe him for part of a phone bill.

My goal is $500

I know that is steep, but I am seriously at the end of my rope. My mom can’t help me anymore, none of my family gives a shit basically.

So I thought I would make a post asking for donations/possibly commissions/signal boosting.

Even just signal boosting would help.

There is a link to donations on my page, I will start trying my best to work as many out as possible.

I do cosplay commissions but they take me longer, especially now obv.
And I will post a generic donate button to my paypal.

If you can spread the word, or help at all. I would appreciate it.
This is just one of those times where everything is scary and I need whatever help I can get.
And I don’t want to turn to fb because you never know where the wrong person is lurking to run and say something and start trouble.


call me a safe bet


"can you tell everyone that dinner is ready?"



Swag Level: Eyebrow Jesus

Satsuki Kiryuin makeup testaroo
Need to start looking for a wig later =u=